Top 5 Secondary Characters In Television Since 2005.


We all know a show’s main characters. The ones that the writers actually form the story around, but what about the other characters that don’t appear in every episode? Why don’t they get credit that they deserve? Often times their actions and one sided thinking make for some of the most hilarious scenes on a TV show. The only reason why is because they don’t have the task of having to grow and evolve. They can just stay who they are and often clash with the main characters. Because they are so essential I’ve decided to compile a top 5 list.


5.) Jean-ralphio (Parks and Rec)

This guy simply wants to be rich and be an icon, that’s it. He’s got money, he’s got dreams, and he’s got moves. Jean was always the little devil on Tom’s shoulder until Tom finally grew up and realized the dude is an absolute mess.

4.) Arthur Spooner (King of Queens)

He qualifies as a secondary character because the show isn’t about him. It’s more about Doug and Carrie and Author isn’t always in an episode. Arthur gets to stay the same crazy, and cranky old man that pushes Doug and Carrie to their limits and every time he shows up he simply steals the scene.

3.) Roger Furlong (Veep)

This guy always shows up in this show and gives pure hell! He always has so many quick snap back when someone says something to him. He’s an awful person but damn he makes the whole office go crazy when he steps in and he turns up the heat on them.

2.) Creed (The Office)

One of the most random and mysterious men in the whole office. He always has something either very creepy or very helpful to say and most times you just don’t know what you’re going to get.

1.) Randy Marsh (South Park)

Randy stays doing something stupid and he never changes at all during the show which makes no sense. He has so many issues and he doesn’t address them, he just goes with the flow always trying to stay young, and man he’s hilarious.


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