Transitioning To The Perfect Season.


So for the first time since may I have felt the first inkling of fall creeping around the corner. The breeze is blowing, leaves are starting to change colors, it’s a cool 70 degrees outside, and my jackets are excited to be worn. One of the most important things that is happening is that my sinuses are beginning to go off now. I’m sneezing, and having watery eyes all day, and I’m miserable. Though it’s annoying right now, I know that once I get past it I will be happy because my favorite season will be in full swing AUTUMN. This is exactly how a transition period is in your life.

Often times when we’re going through a difficult period in our life it’s often met with annoying odds. We get redirected, frustrated, and sheer angry at the obstacles, but what awaits the other end of those emotions is a happier you.┬áSadly unlike weather some people have the option of not going through the frustrating process. A luxury we don’t have as seasons change. Just like the seasons we find a way to push through it, so why can’t we take that same approach to our goals? It’s not that we can’t push through, it’s really because we have the option not to.

If we treat the our lives like we treat the seasons than everything can come out great. One thing that has to be done is we have to accept that change is going to happen and we can’t stop it. In order to truly have growth you have to flush everything that you don’t need out of your body. Just like when you get sick, and your nose is running, and you’re coughing up a lung. That’s your body getting rid of the toxins that are weighing you down. The same thing is happening with every bit of frustration we have, it’s a way to get rid of bad habits, and truly begin to shine. What awaits us on the other side is a happiness that we’ve only read about.

Transitioning is tough, it makes for an uncomfortable ride. We have to learn how to work around these changes and still achieve what is waiting on the other side for us. The best season of our life.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King



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