Twitter’s New Character Limit Is 280! Make Sure You Don’t Follow These Type Of People.


Twitter is officially letting us fire these tweets off by doubling the 140 character limit! No longer do we have to worry about sacrificing grammar, spelling, and punctuation to make our tweets fit into this 140 character prison on twitter. We can now go wild on twitter now that they’re upping the limit to 280 characters!

The twitterverse has rejoiced at the 280 character limit. Suddenly, as we began to let the twitter news marinate we began to see a grim and realistic future. This 280 character limit may not be the best for all of us on twitter who like to have fun.

This 280 character limit is going to bring out the beast in some tweeters, and may even make us want to shut twitter down completely. We all know that twitter has certain type of people that we can not stand tweeting. Now they will have a 280 character limit, and our timelines may never be the same.

You should not follow these type of people on twitter now that they have a 280 character limit.


  • The Emotional One.

This person constantly tells how heartbroken they are, how mad they are, and they are constantly trying to get attention because they don’t know how to write their feelings in a diary, they’d rather do it on twitter. Stay off our timelines with your emotional ramblings. Do not abuse our 280 character limit please.


  • The Person Who Loves To Argue.

This person wakes up in the morning looking to fuss with someone. Rather it’s about social and political issues, sports, date ideas, women’s rights. This person now has a 280 character limit to flood your timeline with their worthless opinions. Do not follow this type of person!


  • The Person Who Is “Too Woke”

This person wakes up woke. They eat breakfast wondering why the trix rabbit is white. They watch TV wondering why women wear their skirts and show off their curves in the name of sex appeal. This person believes that Harry Potter is a book about the torment of people in different socio-economical situations (actually now that I type that sentence and think about it, maybe it is). This person now has a 280 character limit on twitter to look deep into things that are otherwise just fun. Please help us.


  • The One Who Loves To Lecture On People’s Lifestyle.

This person has a lecture on everything. From the food that we eat, the music that we listen to, even down to the type of vacuums that are used in our homes. This person never shuts up because they think they know it all. Now twitter has given them a 280 character limit. This should be fun.

Twitter, we love you, but I’m warning everyone. Do not follow these type of people. Your timeline will be filled all kinds of non-sense

But, if used responsibly, this 280 character limit will make twitter so much fun. So be careful who you follow people!

Tis’ All, I’m Out

  • Little King.


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