We HAVE To Talk About These Movie Trailers!


Movie trailers are in a lot of cases better than the actual movie themselves. They get us excited to go and spend that money to watch the full film. SO with that being said, it’s time for us to discuss some of these movie trailers that just came out.

  • Spectre!

My goodness! Sam Mendes stepped into this James Bond series and changed it to a legendary series. I’ve watched Skyfall so many times that I almost know all the words. It was such a great all around movie, even down to the soundtrack. The cast was incredible, Daniel Craig was amazing and I fully expected this with Spectre. Man, this trailer has made my expectations soar to impossible heights. This movie is going to have Christoph Waltz, that’s enough right there. You’ve got to respect Sam Mendes, because even though studios wanted the movie every one and a half to two years, Sam told them that he is going to take his time on these movies to make it as great as he can. He respects the franchise and the art of film-making, Yes people, this movie will blow your mind.

  • Creed

Rocky is one of the most beloved sports movies of all time. It teaches so much about perseverance and fighting for what you want. But Creed! It looks like it deals with this on a whole different level. When you’re the son of a boxing great and you really don’t have to fight but you choose to, you put a target on your back. In this movie, the heart and emotion will be there. The team of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan is back (Fruitvale Station) and they’ve enlisted the help of Sylvester Stallone, be excited people, be excited.

  • Suicide Squad

You know, I really wasn’t feeling this trailer as much. I thought it looked interesting. It looked like it has a pretty cool cast. I was thoroughly confused on what was going on, which seems weird considering that the trailer was 3 minutes long. I’ve also got to say, Will Smith wasn’t really a big selling point for me (which is weird), I was more excited to see Margot Robbie than anything else. I felt bad for whoever had to play the joker after Heath Ledger, and man I feel bad for Jared Leto, because he did not make me a believer yet. Maybe another trailer will convince me that this will be a good movie, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like it will live up to the hype.

  • Batman Vs. Superman

The first teaser that we got made it look interesting. But now that we’ve got a full trailer, OH CRAP! This movie looks like it’s about to have wild action in it. Henry Cavill is the perfect Superman in every way, we’ll see how Ben Affleck does as Batman. But it looks like I will be able to tolerate Ben, even if he’s bad because the movie looks to strong to let ANYONE fail. This movie will be epic. Wonder Woman will be in it (Which I personally think she’s to skinny to be wonder woman) and Aquaman too! Woo! That’s a lot going on. With Christopher Nolan’s supervision, I don’t see this becoming too jumbled up like Spiderman.

  • The Revenant¬†

People, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hardy. I’ll say it again LEONARDO DICAPRIO AND TOM HARDY! This movie couldn’t fail even if they were riding around in a Chevy Cobalt for two hours eating skittles. BUT seeing as though this is going to be a real movie, and not something that fans are wishing for, lets talk about this trailer. Leo is scraggly and on a revenge spree for his people leaving him to die in the woods after a bear attack. This movie looks raw and gritty, just like I want. It’s definitely a different Leo. I don’t think the trailer has done this story enough justice. But the trailer has sold me enough. This movie will probably have so many twists and turns in this adventure that it will feel more like the Count of Monte Cristo. I CAN’T WAIT, for this movie.

Movies over this next year will be getting so much better. I think that Hollywood is starting to begin a new era. More original movies that are taking risks just like in the 90s. More of an artistic endeavor and it’s making for great cinema.

Tis’ All, I’m Out.

-Little King


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