Welp, School Is Back.


School time is here! So many of us are crowding Wal-marts and Targets all around the country just to get last minute food, apparel, and random things for our rooms. One thing that I noticed about school is that it’s all about the way that we look, not about the way that we are. We want to make sure that folks notice us, but not to much to where we seem strange. This follows you all the way up to college.

School is not a magical place, you will spend hours in a classroom filled with people who can be either an ass hole or a great friend. Peer pressure is at an all time high because you don’t want to be the laughing stock of the school. There are a lot of negative things that go into starting school. The one thing that you should be excited for is the opportunity to see how you handle pressure.

If you are the person who caves into peer pressure at every conceivable angle than chances are that you’re just going for a life of mediocrity. A life of just making sure that no one thinks you’re crazy. If you’re one of the ones who gets looked at for being different and people seem a little freaked out by who you are, than you are an individual who knows no bounds. You are someone who will lead one day, and all those who just wanted to fit in will be fitting in with whatever lifestyle you create.

School isn’t always fun, but just know that while you’re learning in your classrooms your also learning about yourself. You’re learning how to handle pressure and crawl your way out of a situation. School is survival of the fittest, and the fact that you will come out of there each and every day is important. So do your work, go to practice, be the best you that you can be so that the world can finally know who you are as well.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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