What Are We Feeding Our Soul?


On Sunday’s I usually make sure that I don’t miss a church service. Thank god for streaming a service online else I never would’ve found this church that I absolutely love The church is to far away and I don’t want to drive there, but I stream it online every Sunday and the things I learn are incredible. On this particular Sunday, I decided to go to an old church that I used to go to, just so that I can actually be inside of a building. Once I heard the pastor speak, I had the sad realization that although his intentions were good, maybe the way he’s teaching is wrong.

For years the church has been a staple (at least in the south) You get dressed up, and you get prepared to go and hear a sermon that will get you through the rest of the week. The preacher is someone who wants to help you through this journey in life, but when I heard this pastor speak at church I started to believe maybe he’s teaching someone to wait on something that they truly have not earned. That’s not the right thing to do. You hear it all the time “God is gonna show up right on time, he’s gonna make that change, and your life will never be the same.” To me that’s teaching someone that if they continue to be faithful and live by the word you will be blessed. Things don’t work that way.

The pastor that I stream is very different. He tells you that you have to work in order to get the things that you desire. Then god will turn your situation around. He’s not just someone who shows up magically, and like a fairy god mother gives you everything that you think you want. In all honesty, the thing you want now, may not be what you want later. That’s something that everyone needs to wrap their teeth around because that is truth, and that is what needs to be taught.

To many church goers have been living the same life waiting for god to change it, because they’re being taught to. I don’t believe that it’s happening at every church, but I do believe that when trying to speak to a general audience you may end up being to general and you end up crippling your people. Selling false dreams and hopes when you should be selling hard work, determination, and consistency.

I don’t believe all preachers are doing this, but I believe that it may be the reason why a lot of people may feel as though their lives are stagnant. This is not an article to tell you to get away from the church. This is an article to help you further understand what you’re putting into your mind. Are you satisfied with waiting for something that you truly haven’t earned? Or are you going to continue to push towards something that god has for you, the only thing is is that you have to work for it? Just think about it.

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– Little King


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