What Happened In 2016? Here Are 44 Events In 2016!


It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already over! There has been so much happen within this year that our heads could explode. We have been trying to make sure that we keep up with events but they can get lost as time goes on. So i’m here to bring you (Insert number of events) that happened in 2016!


  • Usain Bolt is still the fastest man alive! Even in Brazil!

  • The Olympics in General were crazy… I’m looking at you Simone Biles!

  • Michael Phelps ends his career in Rio as the world’s most decorated Olympian with 23 gold medals.

  • The first ever unanimous MVP is named in the NBA.

  • Queen B shuts down the Superbowl halftime show with Bruno Mars and Coldplay!

  • Speaking of the Superbowl the Carolina Panthers get man handled by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

  • Sadly a month later, The NFL loses one of the greats as Peyton Manning retires from the NFL.

  • The Black Mamba goes for 60 in his final game. Epic farewell performance by the great Kobe Bryant.

  • The NBA loses another legendary player.

  • Captain America: Civil War is EVERYTHING we thought it would be!

  • President Barack Obama’s last year is upon us.

  • UNC and Villanova goes down to the wire, and ends in epic fashion!

  • Chicago Cubs end a 108 year drought of world series titles and come back from a 3-1 series deficit to win the series in EPIC fashion!

  • Speaking of 3-1 Series deficit. Golden State chokes away a 3-1 series as Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers come back and win their first every NBA title!

  • United Kingdom decides to split from the European Union (Sadly they named it “Brexit” could’ve thought of something better.)

  • Vine will be closing it’s doors, RIP to the 6 second clips.

  • Subway PR takes a major blow as Jared Fogel goes to rot in jail.

  • Harambe (A gorilla no one even knew existed) Becomes an icon after he is shot and killed at the Cincinnati zoo.

  • Lots of New England Patriot hating football fans have their prayers answered as Tom Brady serves his time for deflate-gate.

  • Then he came back after his four game suspension and lit the NFL up!

  • Leonardo Dicaprio FINALLY wins his long overdue oscar!

  • Tim Cook stands up against the FBI order to unlock the phone of San Bernardino gunman.

  • Barack Obama is the first U.S. President to visit Cuba since 1928.

  • Cuba and United States end their feud.

  • Bill Cosby has a rough year. The cases of rape pile higher than a 12 story house.

  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child releases, and the play follows right behind the book release!

  • Pokemon Go sweeps the nation in a matter of 2 days!

  • Verizon announces a 4.8 billion dollar purchase of yahoo.

  • Samsung phones are exploding like C4 and are banned from planes!

  • Donald Trump is still up for president of the united states.

  • The hardest presidential election EVER is upon us, and somehow Alec Baldwin & SNL still make us laugh.

  • Speaking of SNL Dave Chappelle makes a TRIUMPHANT RETURN to sketch comedy by being a guest on SNL!

  • The mars rover keeps discovering all kinds of things on Mars, LIKE WATER!

  • Oh yea did I mention that we have now discovered Gene editing!?

  • 3D printing really picks up steam!

  • The beautiful sighting of the Supermoon

  • Gas pipeline explodes in Alabama causing massive gas shortages.

  • North Dakota native american’s stand their ground and protest the pipeline, Americans join them as they fight for their land.

  • Black Lives Matter movement finally begins to be understood by the masses as police shootings of unarmed Americans skyrocket.

  • Zika Virus scares every american.

  • North Carolina shakes the nation up with House Bill 2.

  • To many terrorist attacks to count this year. From Kenya, to Syria, to France, Libya, and even Orlando. Pray for peace in the world.

  • Rest in paradise to our stars we lost this year: Prince, David Bowie, Natalie Cole, Joey Feek, Muhammad Ali.

david-bowie natalie-colejoey-feek




  • A bored billionaire runs for president of the united states of america, AND WINS!!!!!!!


2016 has been quite an interesting year, but Donald trump being elected as president is the biggest news this country has had. With all of the ups and downs we can only stay hopeful that it means better days are to come. If your days were great in 2016 then we hope they continue to get better.

Good luck in 2017 and lets say goodbye to 2016 in style.

Tis’ All, I’m Out.

– Little King.


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