Will Christmas Be Destroyed Because Of Xmas?


Why is it that Americans, American-christians in particular, are so afraid of the letter X in Christmas? For years I’ve heard so many people getting angry saying “They’re trying to take the Christ out of Christmas, literally.” And for years I thought the exact same thing. I would get mad because Christ is the reason for the season. The season is not about spoiling your kids beyond measure, and to replace Christ with the letter X felt like a corporate ploy to try and make it about shopping, instead of appreciating and loving each other. But as time kept going I’ve started see more people using X, so I decided to actually look into it, and it’s interesting what I saw.

I believe that as American’s we tend to forget that other countries exist. Another thing that we totally forget is that Jesus, the reason for the season, was born in the Middle East. So it’s not just an American holiday. Christianity is practiced all over the world. When searching for Christ around the world you would be surprised what it looks like in other languages.

Let’s get back to the issues at hand, Christ has been replaced with the letter “X.” Well here’s something that’s very interesting, before yogurt and salad, the Greeks were known for their innovation in math, science, philosophy, and even helping to shape language. To us it looks like the regular letter “X” but in Greek it actually means chi. And X serves as the first letter in the word Xpiotoc, which actually means Christ. So now that you know that I want you need to look at Xmas, completely different.

Instead of us jumping to conclusions, we need to research the root of some of the things we have issues with and actually figure it out instead of getting automatically angry with the fact that it’s not as we understand it. If you’ve read the bible, than you would know that God gave people different languages for a reason. It teaches us to be patient, listen to each other, and try to learn.

So with that being said I want to tell everyone happy holidays, merry Xmas, and have a happy new year.

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