Work Out For Your Mind, Body, And Soul.


One thing that I’ve never understood when it came to people and health is when people say “I don’t have time for the gym.” We all know that phrase “You make time for the things that you want.” So why don’t we make time to exercise. Then again maybe most people just don’t know how to start back up, but in all honesty they do know how to start back up. All you have to do is simply go for it, but people who have gotten out of shape don’t want to do that because they know the transition will be hard. But the feeling you get from a workout affects more than just your body, it affects your mind as well.

My teacher told me “The human body is miraculous, no other being on earth can move like us. It’s not meant for us to stand still and do nothing, if so the body will start to rust like metal does. Then there’s no need for it.” One quote of his that stayed in my mind forever. So how can you just sit and continue to do nothing to your body letting yourself rust away. We put effort into our possessions but never ourselves. I think that is completely backwards. Look you may not know exactly where to start, but the first thing that you need to do is start, and you’ll learn through trial and error. I believe everyone should be active in one way or another, humans aren’t meant to sit around and do nothing.

Another thing that you may not think that you are getting from the gym is positive self esteem and courage. My trainer told me that wives have said that their husbands were more energized and sexual after they started working out. Going to the gym wakes up the animal inside of you, and makes you more excited to live life. When ladies work out together they can talk and feel comfortable with the fact that they are making their bodies better. Men get the testosterone needed to make them feel like men again.

Your body is supposed to move, it’s not supposed to stay stagnant. I know work feels like it’s killing you and you’re just tired when you get home, but you need to make time for it. With a healthy lifestyle comes an overall better attitude in life. I know it’s hard to get back on that saddle after you’ve been off for so long. But you have to risk it in order to truly feel the way you’re supposed to.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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