X-Men Apocalypse Review: The Beginning Of A New Era.


Searching for the right words to describe this movie is tough. Over the years we have been getting progressively more excited for x-men. We finally get to see some characters we love and just all around kick assery. So far the filmmakers have been doing a great job with balancing both the action with the story. I came into apocalypse expecting it to be the same as the other two critically acclaimed movies. Although it wasn’t necessarily a greater story than the other two, that’s not to say that it wasn’t a fun and exciting movie.

I’m going to appeal to my video game nerds here. When you go into X-men: Apocalypse you should go in there expecting this to be a large, end of the game boss battle. We’re going to have one group vs. another group and that’s it. The movie is largely about assembling a team together to go kick some ass and see who wins.

Although that concept isn’t very deep, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver on that front. All the mutants that we were introduced to in this movie will have you going crazy. It was just great to see all of our favorite hero’s gathered together. This movie really delivered when it came to the action scenes. You will be on the edge of your seats as the movie progresses on. I will say that the last fight sequence was a tad bit underwhelming. The movie blends some incredibly funny scenes with the action as well. AND! There is one big surprise in this movie and I can’t spoil it for you, you’re going to go nuts!

I wouldn’t say that I was a big fan of the acting in this movie, but that’s not the actor’s fault. I believe the script may have been just very simplistic because of the simply nature of the movie. Assemble. Fight. Win. That was basically the movie. With the script that the actors and actresses were given, everyone shined. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender lead the charge in this movie. Every last one of their scenes is incredible, and heartfelt.

The one thing that you will be able to tell about this movie is that it’s ending one era of the franchise (Magneto and Professor X saga) and beginning another era (Mystique, Cyclops, Jean Gray era). So if anyone feels that the movie was disappointing you just need to know that the movie was ending one era while starting another one simultaneously. So in that aspect it’s pretty dope.

Overall don’t expect to go into x-men with the same feeling you did for the first two x-men. This one is about putting all of their hard work together over the first two films and making a big boss battle to usher in a new era. In that aspect x-men succeeds. From a fan of the movies, and the series you might feel disappointed if you go into the movie expecting the same feel as the previous two movies. As we all know, growth and change is a difficult process but they pulled it off the best they could.

I’m giving this movie a 7.3/10

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