Zootopia Review: Welcome To Greatness!


I’ve got to be honest with you. As a writer you have to respect anyone who has made an effective and classic animated movie. Not only do you have to appeal to children but you have to also have a message inscribed in this cartoon that is mature enough for adults. In most cases this means you have to research extensively. Not only for what’s going on socially, but you must also look into traditional things that children enjoy (i.e. toys, or animals) and find a way to blend these two totally worlds together. The movies that successfully teach children a thing or two (whether they know it or not) but also manage keep the adults attention and make them have some “hmmmm” moments, those movies are classic. When I first saw the trailer for Zootopia I believed it was only for children, but after reading a few articles and now watching the movie I realized this movie is truly going to go down in history as a classic.

I have no clue where to begin with this movie so let’s start with the setting. Zootopia is a haven where all animal creeds and colors can come and live in harmony no matter the species, and they have a shot to make anything out of themselves (Sound familiar?!). The beauty of Zootopia is apparent, and the city itself makes you dream big, but like all utopias there is always something going on threating to bring all this down.

The concept of this movie is absolutely incredible. Thousands of years ago predators once hunted prey but they no longer do that, they have evolved to love everyone. Even though they are all concerned with themselves, someone wants to tamper with the predators to make them revert back to this primitive state (Sound familiar?!). Being able to take predators and prey and make them relevant to today’s day and time is incredibly creative.

In comes our heroine, Officer Hopps. She fights discrimination when she comes in as the first rabbit on the Zootopia police force. She knows she has to work twice as hard just to try to be considered equal (Sound familiar?!), she does just that. Her role on this police force becomes essential when she volunteers to truly help someone in need. It turns out that things are a lot deeper than she expected.

This movie is hilarious. The jokes are good enough for both kids and adults to enjoy. Even some of the more childlike jokes are done with an adult situation and it makes everyone laugh. It truly is a movie for the whole family. The movie had some very surprising emotional parts as well. A lot of the animals fight discrimination and stereotypes and it truly has an effect on their psyche (Sound familiar!?). These revelations will almost make your tear ducts swell up.

The voice acting was incredible from Idris Elba, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Jason Bateman, all the way down to Shakira and Alan Tudyk. Everyone does a marvelous job.

Overall you should expect a movie that makes you feel for animals and their fear the way that minorities fear society in today’s day and time. Go in there with your thinking cap on, and you’ll be making connections to yourself like Inside Out made you do. This movie is great and I suggest EVERYONE go and watch it.

I’m giving this movie a 10/10.

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